Internet Scammers


Have you ever dealt with internet scammers?

Do you hate it when people try to use your belief in God against you?

As Americans we are often very generous with our time and money we offer all sorts of aid around the world and that makes us perfect targets for these loosers to hit our nerves and our hearts with scams. They usually don't ask for that much money, 20 to 500 dollars is all, however you have to keep in mind that if they can get even a little amount of money from a lot of people it adds up in a hurry.

I used to run into internet scammers occasionally as I surfed across internet dating sites. After a while it became for common and more frequent. It use to be that they couldn't keep a story together long enough to convince you to send them money. As then internet continues to grow and we become smarter to there techniques the scammers wise up and get better stories better pictures and better more convincing plans. I am going to show you a real chat I have been having with a scammer whom I met off of a web site called Now on tagged usually scammers are reported and other users tag there profile to warn others about there intentions. This user has not been tagged as a scammer but all signs point in that direction. She has pictures including a passport picture, telephone numbers and email address to the hotel where she claims to be stranded. Keep in mind I knew this was a scammer almost from the get go so there are times that I get kind of rude. There are other times where I just play along and seem to string her/him along. Enjoy.

This is the scammers page please feel free to browse at will.

These are her pictures.

Yes, there are seven different pictures which makes a very convincing argument that she is a real person huh.

This is the actual letter that I received that got the conversation started. I left it unedited so that you could see it exactly how it is written.

Hi, How are you doing today? I was browsing through profiles and found your profile most interesting and thought I should get in touch.. My name is Lisa,I am a single girl,looking for a kind hearted man that will love and treat me same way he want to be treated . I am also looking for a relationship that will be based on trust and honesty,i am looking for a man that can fill up the empty space of my life a man i can trust and be with for the rest of my life.....A God fearing man, a man with a great sense of humor and i believe we have so many things in common. I will love to get to know you much better,Please send me an email be'cos i check my email more often than this site and tell me all you can about your self and what you seek for on here : I hope to hear back from you real soon. Lisa.

So, by using the email address provided in the letter above I used yahoo messenger and added her as a contact. Low and behold she was already online.. I we had the following conversation.
jh267: Hello, my name is James you sent me a message on tagged dot com
l.jackson777: Hello James
l.jackson777: How are you doing?
l.jackson777: I am Lisa by name
jh267: Good how are you
jh267: You are from france is that right?
l.jackson777: I am fine
l.jackson777: Thanks
l.jackson777: Yeah
l.jackson777: But i left there when i am 5 year old then to uk
l.jackson777: with my parent before i lost them in 2006
jh267: I see.
l.jackson777: i hope that you read my profile on tagged
jh267: I did. I liked it very much.
l.jackson777: and did ou read about me on it and my intrest in  a man that i am seeking for
jh267: yes..
jh267: That is why I contacted you..
l.jackson777: But did you read that i am presently in Nigeria now
l.jackson777: Ok
jh267: No.
jh267: What are you doing there.
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Can you check on my profile now on Tagged and try to read about me on it
l.jackson777: It is a lont story why i am here
l.jackson777: But i am not on Tagged because i am on Nigeria
jh267: oh ok I will read more about you
l.jackson777: But i need you to know that i am in Nigeria coz i am on Tagged to seek for my true love someone that will true love me and understand me and know what love is all about
l.jackson777: Ok
jh267: I see.
jh267: I understand
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Better then
l.jackson777: so i ned to know you better now
l.jackson777: so what you seeking for on Tagged
jh267: The very same things you are.
l.jackson777: and what type of woman are you seeking for ?
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: That is cool
jh267: Are you planning to come to the United States.
jh267: ?
l.jackson777: I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams,your interests, and anything else you want to tell me
l.jackson777: Yeah i am plan to come over
l.jackson777: If you care to assite me outta here i will not mind to relocate then to you
jh267: I will tell you what ever you want just ask.
jh267: How can I assist you outta there...So you can come over here?
l.jackson777: I even want to learn about the secrets you very rarely share with someone!. So come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk to you about general things such as partying, the weather, sports,e.c.t. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced.This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality and potential
l.jackson777: There is a way that you can assite me outta here and i can come over
jh267: How is that? What should I do?
l.jackson777: But i guess that will need to learn much about each other frist here so that will we not look as new person to each other when will meet each other
jh267: Yes you are right we really should get to know each other better.
jh267: What are your interest?
l.jackson777: Do you mean my interest in a man that i am seeking for ?
jh267: No I mean what kinds of things do you like to do?
l.jackson777: praying to god and read a bible
l.jackson777: and you ?
jh267: I like the same. I also like reading and watching movies.
jh267: I like long walks in the mountains.
l.jackson777: Wow
l.jackson777: That really mean that will have some in common
l.jackson777: ;)
l.jackson777: But how old are you really ?
jh267: 29 years old
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: I am 28 now
l.jackson777: what mouth are you ?
jh267: march
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: I am April 28
jh267: Wow...
jh267: I can't wait to meet you.
l.jackson777: Hmm
l.jackson777: Really ?
jh267: What is in Nigerea that keeps you there?
l.jackson777: That is a long story
jh267: How did you find me on tagged?
l.jackson777: It is something that i can share with you but i need to know how you really care about me and need me coz it is not what i can say to you right now and you let me down
l.jackson777: and hurt me again
l.jackson777: That is what i don't understand
jh267: I see...
jh267: Well when your ready to tell me I'm all ears..K
l.jackson777: i was just on tagged go thorugh my profile and i come accorss your profile and i really like it
jh267: I see.
jh267: I have that effect on people.
jh267: I'm really easy to get along with.
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: I believe you
l.jackson777: and i understand you
l.jackson777: But can you give me some mint i need to get water to drink now
l.jackson777: ok
l.jackson777: 2mint
jh267: Ok
l.jackson777: brb
jh267: What do you do for work?
l.jackson777: I am back \
jh267: k
l.jackson777: Nope i am not here for work
l.jackson777: I am presently in Africa(Nigeria ),is not just a visit but come over to help a friend wish i don't know things will not work out for me
jh267: oh
l.jackson777: But i pray to get a help to do that and what really get me to Nigeria is a long story and I'm regretting i make move to do that
l.jackson777: What really happened is that some days ago i heard a friend of my who she lives in Nigeria was in the hospital i had to move there when i arrived at the airport here in Nigeria i discover that i lost the hospital address and it night in Nigeria and it is very dangerous
jh267: Oh I see.. How are you going to get home?
jh267: I have to go but we need to finish this conversation I will talk to you later ok...
l.jackson777: And i guess that it will be better for me if lodge in an hotel for the next day so that i can get back to Uk because i couldn't find the Hospital address But on  that Night what really happened is that some armed robber came and attack me at the mide Night in the Hotel and stole all my money,goods
l.jackson777: I brought here in Nigeria and the Next Morning the hotel manager help me out to inform the police about the robber that come then to the hotel the police inform that they will help me out to find the robber form me and they will get back my things and money for me not know that they police are not ready to help me and still yet
l.jackson777: Where are you going too now ?
jh267: I have a dentist appointment...We will talk later
jh267: I can help you... I will be in touch
l.jackson777: I inform them about my friend and they ask for the Name of my friend and i was told they do something about it not know the will not do any for me and when i couldn't hear back from the police then here and the hotel manager have taking my passport and my plane ticket he said until i pay the hotel bill
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: But when will you be online ?
jh267: Yes
jh267: later tonight
l.jackson777: so that's all what happened to me and now i really need some help to get back home and i will very glad if you can do just this to me
l.jackson777: what is the time now ?
jh267: 430 in the states
l.jackson777: I have been restricted from making call and taking phone calls out here until the bills are paid up I am only given free access to the internet But u can call the hotel manger and verify things for your self
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: am or pm
jh267: pm....
l.jackson777: The Time here is 12 : 34 am
jh267: ok I will
l.jackson777: Hotel Name : Santo Hotel And Suite
l.jackson777: Hotel E-mail address is :
jh267: what's the phone number?
l.jackson777: Phone number : +234-7059722991 or 011234-7059722991
jh267: Ok
l.jackson777: Ask for Lisa Jackson room #012

After coming back from the Dentist she was still online and we had this conversation..

l.jackson777: Like how many mint will you took you be online back
jh267: I'm back
l.jackson777: Okay
l.jackson777: I am glad that you are back
l.jackson777: I was just here waiting for you to come back
l.jackson777: and i have a some sleep before i come back online too
l.jackson777: so are you there now ?
jh267: yeah
l.jackson777: So how was the place you went too ?
jh267: The dentist it hurt like hell
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: What did you went to do there ?
jh267: get my teeth fixed
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: so how was it now
l.jackson777: I hope that it is okay now
l.jackson777: So how much does that cost you James ?
l.jackson777: Are you there ?
l.jackson777: Do you busy now ?
jh267: not much
l.jackson777: Ok
jh267: 20,000
l.jackson777: Do you mean 20 Dollar ?
jh267: yeah
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: So what your plane for me
l.jackson777: Have you contact the hotel ?
l.jackson777: Coz i wish that i can left this country Today
l.jackson777: And if that can b done i will be glad
jh267: My plans for you when you get here are to enjoy every min with you. LOL
l.jackson777: Coz i don't went my airticket to get expire before i change my airticket to Usa
jh267: Not yet I'm going to though.
l.jackson777: Ok
jh267: why don't you just use your ticket to get home then we'll go from there..
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Bu i need to pay some hotel bill i am owe the hotel manager before i can get back my passport from the hotel manager
l.jackson777: coz with me not paying the hotel bill he is not ready to let me go from here
jh267: how much do you owe?
l.jackson777: 420 us dollar
jh267: Oh.. How should I send it
l.jackson777: That was the reason why i ask you to contact the hotel manager so that you can ask him more about it
jh267: What's his name?
l.jackson777: He use to tell me that the only way that you can afford to send money then here is through Via western union money Transfer
l.jackson777: The hotel manager Name is Mr Mike
jh267: Oh I see..
jh267: so how many people have you been able to sell this scam to.
l.jackson777: How do you mean ?
l.jackson777: Do you mean that you don't Trust me ?
l.jackson777: I don't havea mic on here
jh267: To trust you would be foolish... are you saying I'm a fool?.
l.jackson777: I have been restricted from making call and taking phone calls out here until the bills are paid up
jh267: Prove to me you are who you say you are and I will help you.
jh267: That sucks
l.jackson777: How can i prove myself to you
l.jackson777: ?
jh267: Take a picture of yourself holding a newspaper with todays date and I will believe you.
l.jackson777: Is that a promise
jh267: I will do my very best..
l.jackson777: Stop lying to em
l.jackson777: You know that i am in a problem here and how can i do that
l.jackson777: The only thing i can do is to send you a copy of my pasport to you to prove to you that i am for real
l.jackson777: ok
jh267: Ok do that..
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Give me your e-mail address?
l.jackson777: ok
l.jackson777: accept
jh267: try again
l.jackson777: Go and check your mail
l.jackson777: i have send it to you on your private e-mail address
jh267: I got it.
l.jackson777: ok
l.jackson777: Better
l.jackson777: I hope that can prove to you i am for real now
jh267: Ok I will do everything I can.. k
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: so what will you do now ?
l.jackson777: Do you mean you gonna help me ?
jh267: Well I'm going to call the hotel.
jh267: then I will have to get the money
jh267: It's gonna take me some time.
l.jackson777: ok
l.jackson777: You can do what every you wanna do but try and do it fast for me
l.jackson777: coz i need to get outta here before my airticket got expire
jh267: when does it expire?
l.jackson777: In 3 day or two now
jh267: OK...
jh267: Then what happens when you get home?
l.jackson777: I don't have a home anymore
l.jackson777: all i need is to get married
l.jackson777: and i don't mind to relocate then to you if possible that you care to meet me in person
jh267: OK so when do you want to get married?
l.jackson777: As soon god answer my pray with the right man
jh267: Oh...I see.
l.jackson777: so what about you
jh267: I'm looking for a good woman.
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: what type of woman are you surely seeking for
l.jackson777: and do think i am your match ?
jh267: I hope so..
l.jackson777: Mean that my interest on tagged is not your matcfh
l.jackson777: match
jh267: We have the same interest.. You sound nice.. I would like to see where it goes.
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: But i think what matter most right now is to meet each other in person now that matter
jh267: yeah
l.jackson777: But right now you are the only person that can get me outa here
l.jackson777: And i will be glad if you can help me out and i don't mind to relocate from here then to you as soon i get my passport and i change my airticket
l.jackson777: James what your mobile number ?
jh267: why I thought you couldn't call
l.jackson777: Yeah i can call
l.jackson777: But when i get my passport from the hotel and when i pay the hotel bill i can have access to make call
jh267: you said that they wouldn't let you call until you paid.
l.jackson777: Yeah
l.jackson777: That is what i mean
jh267: so you can call or no you can't
l.jackson777: I can't call
jh267: Why do I get the feeling I'm talking to two different people?
l.jackson777: But i can call when i get the hotel bill paid and i can give it to the hotel manager if i ask him that you have not call him so that he can contact you on my bahelf
l.jackson777: how ?
l.jackson777: Do you have some out there that you chat with now ?
jh267: No it's just not making any sense I tried to call the number you gave me it didn't work.
l.jackson777: Really
l.jackson777: Can you show me the number again
jh267: You know the number why don't you give it to me again?
l.jackson777: Yeah know the number
jh267: well give it to me so I can call.
l.jackson777: But you said that it is not going through when you
l.jackson777: I need you to be honest with me just like the way i am
l.jackson777: I am an honest and god fearing person
jh267: Sorry hun..... I'm not the one in the bind.... I'm trying to help you remember... You need to be honest with me or I will end this chat and I won't loose any sleep over wether you get home or not..
l.jackson777: +234-7059722991 or 012347059722991
l.jackson777: That is the number
l.jackson777: Ask for Lisa Jackson room #012
l.jackson777: Do you have internation call card ?
jh267: no.. I will call in the morning
l.jackson777: ok
l.jackson777: brb
l.jackson777: Sorry for keep in you waiting
l.jackson777: I went to try and get water at the bar
l.jackson777: But every body is at sleep
jh267: it's ok
l.jackson777: so i can get water to drink
l.jackson777: what is the time now ?
jh267: 9pm
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Right now here the time is 4 : 54am here
jh267: I have to get to bed.
jh267: I will see what I can do in the morning.
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: And me too
l.jackson777: I need to go and sleep now
l.jackson777: Ok
jh267: OK
l.jackson777: But you can able o mail the hotel too
l.jackson777: Hotel E-mail address is :
jh267: Ok I will..
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: so i need to go too
l.jackson777: Coz i need to sleep now
jh267: ok laters
l.jackson777: Ok
l.jackson777: Bye for now
l.jackson777: and took care of yourself for me
jh267: yep
l.jackson777: :-h
l.jackson777: :">
l.jackson777: ;)

Below is a copy of the emails that were traded complete with full headers for any of you that want to do what you do...

From Thu Feb 4 10:15:05 2010
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Compact Headers
Hello Mr James,
      I am really so much appreciate you contacting me on behalf of Lisa Jackson about the hotel bill she is owe me then here and i went you to know that is the amount she is owe me then here and i will like you to know that the only way that you can afford to send the money then here to me is through Via west union that you can able to send the money to me with all the information i am give you below this message.
Receiver  Name : Mike Dele
Country : Nigeria
State : Lagos
City : Ikeja
Zip code : 23401
Text Question : You
Answer : Me
Mr Jame that is all the information i need to give to you to send the money to me here in Nigeria and after you send the money i will be glad if you can get back to me with all the information needed from you like this blow the message now
Sender Fully Name................
Zip code...........................
Mtcn Number.......................
I hope that if you don't know about what is call MTCN number is the number tat you will be giving at the western union office the i will use to cash the money here in Nigeria or you can send me all the western union paper to me.Hope that i will hear from you soon.
 My Regard

-----Original Message-----
From: James Harmston <>
To: <>
Sent: Thu, Feb 4, 2010 5:02 am
Subject: Lisa Jackson
I am writing this letter in concern for Lisa Jackson. She has informed me that she has been staying at your facility and I unable to pay the debt due to you in the amount of 420 dollars. I would like you to give me directions in how to bring that account current so that she may get her belongings back and return to the Uk..
Please let me know.

All the info is there you decide.
Past this on to your friends I would love to hear back from you...
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